Wilshire Landing Apartments

4013 Wilshire Boulevard Wilmington, NC 28403


William L. Profile Thumb

William L.

3 days ago

Love living here just last week was officially one year! It’s been great so far no noise, nothing breaking, and just a great overall experience. The only thing I would recommend is landscaping and have some grass instead of just sand and dirt.

Nancy C. Profile Thumb

Nancy C.

6 days ago

I really enjoy living In Wilshire because the apartment complex is safe, I love the coffee bar at the front desk, and it is quite as well as the activities there.

Micheyla S. Profile Thumb

Micheyla S.

8 days ago

Love this apartment complex. They have great staff, awesome free events that include food. Love the free tanning, but the gym could be bigger. Majority of the time they respond quickly to maintence request.

Wesley S. Profile Thumb

Wesley S.

12 days ago

It has been a great experience, so sad I have to leave after I graduate. The staff has been super helpful and kind. I would recommend this complex to my friends.

Chinyere B. Profile Thumb

Chinyere B.

14 days ago

Great community. I have lived here for two years and it is the safest place closest to campus to live. I’ve never had any real issues and I wish I picked here for my first residency.

Keila R. Profile Thumb

Keila R.

18 days ago

I moved in during the summer and so far I love it here. Tons of things to do through the office, tons of nice people to live by and a great location!

Florence L. Profile Thumb

Florence L.

24 days ago

Overall, the complex is a great place to live! Staff is friendly and usually pretty easy to get in touch with. My only concern is with the fenced-in dog area being on the smaller side and not having a lot of light at night so it’s very hard to see what’s around or where your dog is. However, the complex is clean and well-maintained! The staff also is very informative of office-closures and events going on.

Ada M. Profile Thumb

Ada M.

24 days ago

I enjoy the community very much. The housing itself matches with the price of living well. Only complaint is that the WiFi is not too good.

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